Intuition and learning online #edmooc

I started to take MOOC (massive open online learning?) courses online. The first day of feeling like a fish in a sea is turned into a creative process of intuitively searching for meaningful meetings and materials, developing my own content and researching in world wide web.

I already found a new lovely concept rhizomatic learning that is closely connected to the concept I am most interested in and that is intuitive learning.  You can see a talk about rhizomatic learning by Dave Cormier online….

…or read some blogsposts about the afterthoughts of participants in his webinar (see for example Rhonda Jenssen`s blog for futher links).

But more than the big fuzz about MOOC, hundreds of thousands of new people, new concepts and ideas, I am interested in how digital era changes the human condition.

A while ago I wrote a poem and I still remember how the question about our humanity arrived to me in Marseille airport, France in 2011. I will post it here once more.

H U M A N    B E I N G

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines

human beings are machines


What helps us to stay human in this high tech world? I think it is our spirituality. The human beings are not just material beings there is much more to us than the genes. Esa Saarinen talks about systems intelligence that is in his opinion connecting engineering thinking with human sensitivity (Saarinen ja Hämäläinen 2007)”

By Systems Intelligence we mean intelligent behaviour in the context of complex systems
involving interaction and feedback. A subject acting with Systems Intelligence engages
successfully and productively with the holistic feedback mechanisms of her environment. She
experiences herself as part of a whole, the influence of the whole upon herself as well as her own
influence upon the whole. By experiencing her own interdependence in the feedback intensive,
interconnected and holistically encountered environment, she is able to act intelligently.

I will continue my journey.  Or who knows perhaps I am just lost in the web forever… see you!


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