What is the future of education? How do the schools look like after 25 years? How can I do something, how can I participate?

If there is something particular someone wants to change in all the schools of a country today and she or he starts to work for it, then she first has to create general awareness on the topic, to lobby, develop interest in different stakeholders groups, finally introduce new laws,  change the teachers education etc.

So far mostly business people or special interest groups have been able to get their ideas through. Sometimes some specific research groups get a big influence over the national policy decisions.

Ordinary teachers and parents, not to mention the children themselves, are in a way like small puppets in the theatre unable to understand what is happening in the scene. Sometimes you can see teachers or parents looking at each other or down to a child and wondering why their heads or hands are moving… they are listening to their own words and voices and wondering, where are the impulses coming from…

They say that a policy change in educational system takes at least 10 years and then you do not even know to what direction the change finally took place.

One has to start to look at what does that mean if schools and teaching are being part of the policy arena if education is a means for gaining power over the other people etc. During the years of my study I have become much more interested in utopias, future studies and philosophical and global political discussions about society as I did before. I have started to look for alternative and radical practices worldwide.

Here I would like to share some of my findings and my personal intuitions. We need not to struggle for the old mechanics of power, instead we can create our own space, our own discussions, our own lives and schools.

My main interest is intuition and learning in research but also what are the living alternatives in education today. What kind of examples we have to refer to, when we consider radical change in the education, or as some call it, the revolution in education.

This homepage links my writings in a journal on my field study on intuitive pedagogy and collected the theories and scientific works connected to my doctoral thesis on the page called “Intuitions“.

I am an active founding member of Picking Apples international artist group, organising international courses about Intuitive Pedagogy in Sweden and Estonia, teaching the master students at the Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo.

Welcome to comment and discuss the notes as well as my findings. You can also contact me tammevelin@gmail.com.

Photo made by Filiz Telek


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