IP. Past, present and future.

Intuitive pedagogy summer week at Solvik ended in the 5th of August. About 200 people from more than 13 countries took part in this beautiful week of exercising, singing, painting, talks and playing with Pär, Merete, Iris, Robert and many others. Thank you for the meetings and your participation! Thank you, Maarja, for the wonderful pictures! 

For some years there has been regular open meetings at Solvik, Järna Sweden, for teachers, parents and others interested under the title “Intuitive pedagogy course“. Last spring gave Pär Ahlbom an interview to the German Waldorf Journal “Erziehungskunst”. In the article “Learning like children” published in June he explains some of his ideas about this special approach to teacher and parent education. Today there are many people who like to talk about what intuitive pedagogy really means or what it is and some of these discussions took also place during our meetings in Solvik this summer.

I made a small collection of Maarja´s photos about Pär´s games that make it possible for us to learn to be as creative and free as children. You can take a look at it Intuitive Pedagogy Journal homepage.

In addition to Pär, Iris and Merete we had some new teachers in Solvik this time. Robert (living as an artist in Berlin) was doing an artistic mixture of exercises that I would call “A study of social and inner transitions”. I visited his group several times and found his work to be very inspiring indeed.

Mona was doing Werbeck song and primary music exercises. I wrote about it already in some of my earlier posts here and elsewhere.

Käty and Holger were experimenting with sand and kitchen tools. Regina painted and Elisabeth made handcrafts with children and their parents.

Even though there is more and more happening in the written world of pedagogy, most of what Pär, Merete, Sinikka and others related to IP do, can be grasped best by experiencing and exercising. This is probably why my notes here at this page are quite short.

Next meetings to play, sing and paint together are already taking place in Autumn. In Solvik the next course is between the 22 to 25 November. You can sign up or ask for more information by sending an e-mail toinfo@intu.se.

In addition to courses in Sweden there is also lot happening in other countries. Pär, Merete and Sinikka are doing their first joint course in Estonia, Tartu during the last week-end of September. I know there are still some space for those who are interested. For more info write to irene.sargla@gmail.com.

In Germany the new three years long IP course starts already in October. In 19th to 21st of October we will also have a painting class with Merete in Czech “Picking Apples meet precious Prague.

Pictures by Maarja Urb
From Intuitive Pedagogy Journal