Intuition online

Evelin TammI joined an online course about digital media and e-learning. It is organised by Coursera team and is for free. Everybody can take this course, there are no special requirements. As I entered the online classroom yesterday I found out that in this space there are 30 000 people sharing and learning. I saw a housewife from China, a professor from US, teacher from Indonesia to name just few, all signing up to form working groups.

It was amazing and confusing at the same time. So much was happening but actually I was still sitting at home in Sweden in front of my computer screen. One could feel how the crowded space felt empowering and also a bit frightening.

How to focus, how to manage this information load, how to find your way and most of all to learn about digital medias? It has so much to do with intuition. The decisions we make in this kind of chaotic spaces where within a fraction of a second we decide what link to follow, whose posts to read etc. This intuitive acting determines our individual learning outcome.

During the next months I will be experimenting with this learning environment taking part of online classes in addition to the already mentioned course about digital medias, I will learn to write in English, study Philosophy and Sociology with people from all over the world. Lets see how it works out.

It is my intention to share some of my learning experiences here but also to collect my reflections and thoughts concerning intuition online during this couple of months or more.

You are most welcome to share your insights, experiences or readings here with me. Perhaps there will be even more people than me publishing here. Who knows? If you have ideas about how to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Besides learning online it is very important to meet and experience things together in real life situations. Hopefully there will be some meeting places and seminars to discuss the issues face-to-face. I´ll keep you updated.

Evelin Tamm

Jan 30th 2013, Järna Sweden


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